Wedding Planning #3 – Choosing the Entertainment

What Entertainment Should I Have At My Wedding?

Getting married is one of life’s stressful times. I don’t mean, of course, the day itself and the declaration “I do” (which will be lovely, I promise) but the planning and surrounding entourage you’ll have to deal with to make things just right. Maybe you have to change your bouquet because your Grandma is allergic to the flowers, maybe there’s a guest who can’t eat wheat products, maybe your best friend’s kid will throw a tantrum because you forgot to provide a Wii room!

Then, once you’ve sorted out the fusspots, here come the critics; a disappointed great grandmother who wished for a white wedding in a church with bells, Rolls Royce, the works; or you might have to deal with the snobbery of a distant cousin who’s a merchant in a French vineyards and believes he should’ve been consulted in the wine choosing.

Sometimes these decisions can leave you fighting with your fiance, which is the last thing you want, especially since your wedding is supposed to be the most romantic day of your life.

Most disputes will pass as silly and needless, and to be honest, our recommendation is to do what makes you happy, no matter who it disappoints. However, if you need to make a day that causes as little conflict as possible so you’re free to enjoy yourself, there are a few ways you can make everything work. In this article (part 3 of 3) we’re going to look at entertainment, and give you some advice on how to kepp everyone happy!

Choosing the Entertainment

choosing the best wedding entertainment

Band or DJ?

This can cause a lot of arguments. Maybe your husband is determined to have his favourite band play at your wedding, but you don’t like them. Or maybe your wife has a penchant for cheesy 80s music DJs. You can always choose both options; start with a band and have a DJ keep guests dancing when they are all thoroughly drunk! Otherwise you will need to consider your wedding theme. Get a band or singer who will perform in your favourite music style, but will also throw in a few favourite songs to keep everyone happy. The music is a personal thing, but it’s no good if you are the only one dancing to it!

Any more entertainment?

Sometimes people want more than just a band; the strangest wedding entertainment I have ever seen was a space hopper race! The right wedding activities and entertainments can jazz up the usual party and bring both sides of the family together. The entertainment can be sophisticated; casino tables and cocktail making classes are always successful! If you feel like being a bit more unique you can add petting zoos for children, fairground games, sushi chefs, dancing classes and more to your wedding! People may huff at first, but usually when they try the activity they’ll instantly start to have a lot of fun.

In conclusion

best wedding entertainment

Remember, although a wedding is a family event, and you want to make everyone happy and proud, your guests are there to celebrate you as a couple. If you pick the entertainment that make you happy, that’s ok, as long as you don’t offend or hurt anyone intentionally. It’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, and you want your personalities to shine through on the day so people can see how happy you are together. That’s why you’re getting married; to make yourselves happy, not anyone else!

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