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We recently contacted Charlene, a videographer based in West Lancashire (who covers the Cheshire area) in response to a wedding she recently filmed at Inglewood Manor. As we continue to provide loved ones with days to never forget it’s great to have feedback from those who have specialist skills in the industry. Take a look at why Inglewood Manor stays in Charlene’s mind below, and a little bit more about the work she provides!


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Hi Charlene, can you tell us a bit about Love Gets Sweeter?

Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Films started after I edited my own wedding film way back in 2009. I’ve always loved filming things, from my Sylvainians and Barbies to my bad dance routines in the back garden. Although many of the home movies I made make me cringe when I watch them back now they are such a great way to bring old memories back to life-and eventually show off to the grandkids!

When it came to our wedding I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with all the lovely footage before the day I just knew I wanted it filmed. My husband was so against being filmed that it took a while to persuade him. Needless to say, once he saw the finished product he was so impressed he went out and bought me a web address that he named after our first dance, Love Gets Sweeter! Since that day I have put as much love and care in to each wedding film as I did my own. I love being able to tell the couples story and let them relive their day in such a special way. We’re known for capturing the day as it happens so it’s really natural and more documentary like. In the edit I love to make every film personal to the couple so the style, pace and even the music reflects their personalities and their wedding day-the editing it really my favourite part!

How did you become a full-time movie maker?

In wedding terms I went full time in 2011. Way before this I had been studying Media related subjects at college in both Nottingham and Liverpool and found I had a bit of a hidden talent for film editing. I went from editing a documentary in college for Granada to assisting on a drama for Channel 4 and Mr Beans Holiday. My husband and I ended up buying a house together just as we started wedding planning so I decided to move my career up north and had the chance to edit a great northern film ‘Charlie Noades R.I.P’ staring Neil Fitmaurice and Dave Spikey as well as working on small films for local companies. All this editing experience really shows in my current work as it’s all about the story-telling with wedding edits and being able to bring the emotions of a wedding flooding back in just a few minutes. The editing part really is my biggest passion. I soon realised I loved making wedding films that much that I had to make the leap, I went part time in my job so I could put more in to Love Gets Sweeter and soon enough I was having to go full time to make sure all my couples and their wedding films got the care and attention they deserved.

What equipment do you use currently and what did you start with?

I have just switched over to the new Sony professional camera called the PMW-200. I like working with the smaller professional cameras so that I can blend in better at even the smallest wedding. They’re also really lightweight so I can dash about after brides running late and not have arm ache at the end of a 14 hour day! Before then I used the EX1-r and EX3, I just love the small Sony cameras. I also love shooting in HD, it really does capture the world in such vivid colour and looks amazing when I view it back on the big screen at home. We filmed our own wedding day in SD and I really regret not paying a bit more for HD cameras so it’s a must when I film now! We only use professional broadcast standard equipment from the camera tripods to the radio mics we have to capture the wedding vows…I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I also still use Avid for my editing, I’ve been using Avid products since collage so it’s like second nature to me now.

What history do you have with Inglewood Manor?

I fell in love with Inglewood when I came to meet one of my bride and grooms there to discuss their wedding plans. The bride, Anna, came to me after I filmed her sisters wedding the previous year (still one of my all time favourite wedding films I have done) and I couldn’t contain my excitement when she got in touch to book. On the actual wedding day I wasn’t disappointed, the venue looked stunning with all the autumnal colours in the trees as you slowly approached up the winding drive. Fires were roaring in the reception area and I adored the lovely intimate feel the rooms had as I wandered around capturing the wedding guests mingling. I can’t wait to film my next wedding there!

What makes Inglewood Manor such a special place to make event movies?

It’s the ideal space for any wedding in any season. Although I am yet to film a summer wedding there I imagine the gardens are perfect for guests to take a stroll and just enjoy a bit of fresh air. Every turn there is something wonderful to see. The rooms are the perfect setting to have friends and family celebrate your day with you, it has a real home away from home feel (ok, it’s a little fancier than my home but I can dream, right?). I could film 10 weddings there and each film would look different as there are so many beautiful places to film.

Have you got any funny/memorable stories to share?

There were these lovely flickering church candles leading up the stairs from the reception and a few of the children attending the wedding were sitting on the stairs taking a break from running around, as children do. Two of the older boys had worked out that they were battery operated so began pretending to blow the candles out while flicking the switch without the young girls seeing. Queue the girls trying to do the same and looking confused when it wouldn’t go out…this went on for a while and I filmed the whole thing, much to the amusement of the couple and their family!

What’s your favourite ever event movie at Inglewood Manor, and why?

I’ve only had the pleasure of filming Anna and Lee’s wedding at Inglewood ( and I have my fingers crossed that I will have the opportunity to return soon as it’s such a beautiful venue and the staff were so welcoming.

What would you say to people considering Inglewood Manor as a venue for an event?

What is to consider? It would tick all the boxes for me, especially after experiencing a wedding there for myself. I love that you can have just a small room overlooking the ground for a more intimate birthday or anniversary (a party was taking place while we had out initial wedding meeting) or guests can enjoy all the spaces throughout the day. Choosing whether to chill out on the sofas or to make their way to the dance floor, it’s perfect for a mixed guest list.

If you’re just as excited to see the video which Charlene put together as we were, see below:

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  1. Nice interview Charlene thanks for sharing. Amazing how technology changes so quickly, you need plenty of storage space for HD video! We have also provided DJ and Lighting services at Inglewood Manor and agree it does tick all the boxes.

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