Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2013

Little bud vases

In 2013 flowers are going to be all the rage much like they have been for hundreds if not thousands of years. Whilst flowers are here to stay though styles and type are not, and in 2013 it is going to be little bud vases lined up down the table, rather than big bunches of flowers that are in trend. The Peony is tipped to be the hottest wedding flower of 2013.


Cascades are set to be huge in 2013, much like little bud vases mentioned above. A vintage bouquet silhouette is set to return from a long absence in weddings, and as such be sure to get your cascades coming down aisles and leading the way to your big moment.

Colorful invitations

If you look at last year’s fashion industry colour was a hot trend, appearing everywhere from women’s wear, men’s wear to child’s wear. This is all set to leak in to weddings, and invitations will more than likely start to see a pop of colour doing away with the classic italic gold font on a white piece of card. This will be great to get the interest of the younger generation.

3D invitations

We see in 3D, we have 2 eyes with thanks to evolution, however 3D invitations are all set to become the next big thing. Three-dimensional invitations could take the form of a small scale cardboard model of the venue with the invitation written on one side. Also, they could take the form of a pop up which will reveal a love heart.

Fresh and local food

Supermarket home branded burgers and sausages may cut it at a home barbeque, but at a wedding a little bit more thought needs to go in to food. Fresh and local was big in 2012 and it is only set to get bigger in 2013. It is not only modern and ethical to support our local farmers and stores, but arguably this food tastes better too.


Aha, I hear you say. You know tequila right? It’s a Mexican liquor which gives many folk a terrible hang over. Well, this liquor is set to become fashionable throughout 2013, replacing vodka and gin at the wedding bar. There’s nothing better than the whole wedding reception being a little bit tipsy, is there?

Smaller more detailed wedding cakes

A big, fat wedding cake with 20 tiers and more icing than you can shake a stick at sounds amazing, however smaller cakes which are more detailed are set to trend in 2013. Got a huge wedding party? No problem, order 2 of the same cake. This way, you’ll be able to manage consumption and keep everybody happy.

Custom wedding cakes

Custom wedding cakes are huge business in the US and if you go to the right place, you can have a cake made in to the appearance of pretty much anything, from your grooms digital camera to the wedding venue itself. These cakes cost a pretty penny, but it is your wedding, and so splash the cash where you can.

80’s music

You are a modern couple to be, I get it, and the latest Capital FM playlist suits you well. No. At your wedding, you should be playing top 80’s tracks and this era of music is set to be huge in 2013. That means Fleetwood Mac, The Clash, New Order and of course Joy Division should be on your decks. Just remember to play ‘Blue Monday’.

DIY name plates

When your guests come to eat at your wedding reception, family members and top friends almost always get name plates telling them where to sit. 2013 is set to be the year of being green and DIY, so do go down to any hardware store pick up some wood pieces and burn or write, in marker, the names of your loved ones.

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