Corporate Social Responsibility

at Inglewood Manor

Our Environment, Our Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibilities goals and policies at Inglewood Manor include protecting the environment and community around us whilst looking after our own competitive interests and the interests of the wider community. Our Corporate Social Responsibility statement demonstrates our commitment to implementing environmentally-friendly and socially responsible practices

Statement of Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to protect the environment and community around us and those interests of the wider society
We encourage our guests to reduce their carbon footprint by providing ideas and suggestion to help them do so
We ensure our staff are aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and that they are aware of our impact on the environment and that they work in a responsible manner to uphold our policy

Included below are some of our current practices to reduce our impact on the environment, these practises are reviewed and added to on a regular basis.

Recycling and Waste Management

  • The hotel recycles paper, cardboard and glass
  • The hotel recycles oil from the kitchen through a local contractor
  • The toner cartridges used in all our offices and reception are recycled

Energy Efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint

  • All tree fell at the hotel is stocked, seasoned and is used within the hotel in our open fireplace
  • We are currently working to change all our lights at the hotel to low energy lighting to help reduce energy costs
  • All lights are switched off when guests rooms, function rooms, offices and public areas are not in use
  • We try to avoid buying produce from abroad to reduce our impact on the environment
  • We always operate green laundry practices where possible

Grounds and Gardens

  • All garden waste is collected for composting
  • Any fell trees are replaced in a one for one basis
  • Work will be starting later this year on our herb garden which will include a variety of mint, coriander, basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano
  • Our grounds are a haven for wildlife, buzzards, rabbits, squirrels, owls and geese and ducks
  • We have implemented a bird feeding schedule within the grounds

Food Sourcing and Purchasing

  • Our Head Chef has introduced a menu which supports ethical purchasing, local, and British produce
  • We are committed to responsibly sourced food products and ingredients, following seasonal trends and reducing food miles by sourcing from the local area whenever possible
  • We purchase fair-trade and ethical products where possible and use eco-friendly cleaning products when available
  • We encourage all departments to use local suppliers and contractors, where possible to support the local community and reduce delivery and travelling mileage

The Wellbeing of our guests

  • All our menus have healthy options available
  • Our Children’s Menu offer dishes which are completely free of processed food and are freshly prepared
  • A map is available in Reception should you wish to walk around the grounds, or if you prefer something a bit more energetic we have a running trail

Providing an engaging team member experience

  • For information on employment with Inglewood Manor Hotel please see the People and Careers section of our website –
  • We are committed to recruiting locally (having no live-in provisions for staff) and encourage car-sharing schemes to get to and from Inglewood Manor

Making a positive contribution to our local communities

  • The hotel has established links with local schools and colleagues, where we support work experience placements and skill days.
  • We are committed to supporting fundraising events in the local community through the provision of prizes and donations
  • We are committed to selecting a local charity a year to provide corporate support and hosting events to increase their awareness in the wider community

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