The Brasserie

at Inglewood Manor

Inglewood Manor was built as a family home in the country and was designed around entertaining. Dinners, parties and afternoon tea were regularly hosted by the Fox family who lived here. The dining rooms are reflective of this golden age - though grand and decorative they are also intimate and cosy. 

The Brasserie at Inglewood Manor is a beautiful space for a family occasion, a celebratory dinner or a long lunch. A unique Cheshire restaurant, located in the original dining room of this Grade 2 listed house and overlooking the walled gardens and lake, it is a very special place to dine. The views alone will keep you mesmerised while you enjoy a menu which cleverly combines English classics with modern and international flavours and dishes. 

A tradition of great food and local ingredients

Like the tradition of the building, the culinary team at Inglewood Manor has their own tradition, with many of our chefs working with the hotel for a considerable time. This means that they know what our guests want but at the same time they know that variety and the wow factor are also very important. 

The place of the hotel as part of the fabric of the community is reflected in the use of local produce wherever possible in our menus. Exquisitely prepared and cooked, we believe that fresh, flavourful ingredients are the way to creating great food. 

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