The first recorded race at the ‘Roodee Fields’ was held on February 9th 1539, in the reign of Henry the Eighth, with the consent of Chester’s Lord Mayor, Henry Gee (whose surname gave rise to the ‘gee-gees’ nick name for racehorses), making Chester is the oldest racecourse in Britain, and possibly the world.

Chester is renowned for being a glamorous venue where style and fashion go hand in hand. Racing begins with a three day May festival, putting Chester in the racing spotlight nationally. This Festival has long been their flagship fixture, providing the very highest level of racing, the chance to see some of the best known names in the sport, and permeating throughout, an unquestionably fun atmosphere!

After May, they have further day and evening fixtures throughout the summer months, including family fun events and thrilling polo fixtures. Each fixture has its own unique identity to ensure a wide ranging appeal.

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